FAQ Answers:

1. Does the fan come in all sizes?

Yes, the fan is custom made to fit your machine. Fans are made anywhere from 16 inches up to 61 inches in diameter.

2. If my machine is not on the existing fan list can I still get a fan?

Yes, the machine will need to be measured. Measurement sheets can be faxed or e-mailed to you. After the measurement sheets have been reviewed by engineering a fan kit will be built to fit your machine.

3. Will the fan automatically reverse?

Yes, most fan kits are set up to reverse automatically. If you prefer, kits can be made to work with most any setup including manual only or automatic with a manual override.

4. Can I put a fan on a machine that does not have on-board air?

Yes, you can run the fan from either an air or hydraulic source. If your machine does not have an air or hydraulic source available, a power unit will be supplied.

5. Can I install the fan system myself?

Yes. If you do repair work on your machine already and are comfortable doing repairs, installing the fan will be easy.

6. Can I get installation instructions?

Yes, a complete set of generic installation instructions will be enclosed with your new fan kit.

7. Is technical help available if I have questions?

Yes, we are just a phone call away and have hands on installation experience. We are all about service before, during, and long after the fan has been running.

8. How does the fan mount to the engine?

The video below shows how the FLEXXAIRE® fan mounts to the front of the engine.

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