Customer Comments

"I put 16 reversible fans on my orchard equipment, including my Flory sweepers, OMC sprint shakers, and on my Jack Rabbit shuttle trucks. I will be putting more fans on the rest of my equipment soon. The fans have saved time and prevented engine repairs. I no longer experience overheating engines caused by clogged radiators."

Vince Taylor
Taylor Farms

"The reversible fan works extremely well. The burst of air that is generated when the fan cycles from cooling to cleaning kept the radiator clean of cotton lint & dust. The fan also helps to keep the engine running at normal operating temperature in hot weather."

Cory Van Dyk
Van Dyk & Sons Dairy

"This fan works great! Before having it I would need to stop every hour to clean the radiator. Now I can wait 3 or 4 weeks between inspections."

Kurt Cattuzzo
Cattuzzo & Sons

"We have a 9960 and a 9965 and would have to clean our screens after every dump. Now, we can go 4 or 5 days before checking the radiator and air cleaner. It is also safer now that no one has to run around the picker to clean it."

Mark Rosa
Rosa Farms

"We move five rail car of cottonseed per week and would have to blow out the radiator every four hours. Now the operator blows out the radiator once per week. When we purchased our new slid steer a reversible fan was a must."

Adam Johnson (Production Manager)
IFA of Utah

Before having a reversible fan on my John Deere 9300 I would have to clean the radiator every hour. Especially when the wind would blow the silage over the blade right into the radiator. I'm buying a new John Deere 9430 and before it goes out it will have a reversible fan on it.

Brian Hill

We adapted a reversible fan to our Andros Over the Vine Agri-Trac machine. During the normal spray season we were cleaning our radiator once a week, now we only clean the radiator during our normal service interval. Grape harvest was the true test for us. Averaging sixteen hour days plus constant contact with foliage which blocked air flow the engine would always run hot. The fan's automatic cycle time was set to reverse every fifteen minutes and a lower more constant engine temperature was achieved no matter what the conditions are.

Eric T. Mueller
Kendall Jackson

"I have reversible fans on seven of our Caterpillar D6-H dozers, and a number of John Deere tractors. The fan keeps the engine temperature in the green without having to blow out the radiators manually every hour. These fans really make the difference."

Erie Danell
Danell Brothers Green Chop Inc

The reversible fan worked excellent. With the original fan I had to clean the radiator every hour when harvesting grass seed and twice a day when harvesting wheat. With the reversible fan I could go for a week in grass and the entire season in wheat without blowing it out. I had to modify the engine air intake to draw air outside the radiator compartment but that worked well with a Turbo II pre cleaner. The fan was easy to install and fit perfectly. The reversible fan cured the problem and made harvest a pleasure.

Cory Davis


Moves way more air than factory fan. We see the dust fly from the truck and it keeps radiator so clean. The radiator never really builds up with feed anymore as the fan blows it clean when it reverses. We used to have to blow out all the time but we have not touched it since we installed the fan. Also thank you for your time on the phone helping us to figure out which fan we needed. I would like to put one of your fans on our silage trucks soon.

Donald & Tony Pouliot Dairy

Ivan answered all my questions. Then he helped me select the correct fan set up for my windrowers. Now a year later I have to say that the Flexxaire Reversible fan kits have been my best investment I ever made.


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