About Us

Reversible Fan Center has been marketing reversible fans since 2002. During the early years the company learned what works and what doesn’t. Also owning and operating a heavy duty parts and repair shop since 1983, we understand what keeps equipment moving. We have many years of experience working on large trucks, tractors, heavy equipment and other machinery. The knowledge from our experience is part of what we offer to help you put together the fan system that will work best for you. When you are in contact with Reversible Fan Center, the focus of attention is you and your equipment. We want to make sure you are getting a product that performs as expected. We will help guide you to get a fan system that works the way you expect.

To show that we are serious about making happy customers, we offer a full refund less freight within 30 days from the ship date of your fan kit. We know that happy customers are the backbone of our business growth and success.

Warranty Policy

Full refund less freight charge within 30 days from the date of purchase if your fan kit does not perform as promised.

One year parts warranty from the date of purchase less freight charge on defective parts.

Reversible Fan Center | 1760 Kimberly Road, Twin Falls ID 83301 | 208-732-6077 | www.reversiblefan.com | sales@reversiblefan.com